There has been a lot of debate and conflicting views about the topic of switching to a business account – is organic reach impacted when you switch to a business profile? Does Instagram’s algorithm favor personal accounts over business accounts to limit promotional content? For most Instagram users, concerns about engagement stats are the key reason that people are hesitant to make the switch to a business account.

While skeptics see the move to an Instagram business account as having a direct impact on visibility, there are many features that accompany a business account which can actually assist with ensuring your Instagram game is strong. In many ways, the switch from a personal account to a business account is similar to an airline upgrade to business; while you’re in the same space, it comes with numerous perks that are outlined below:

Choose a category for your profile

A Instagram business account allows you to choose a category or subcategory for your profile, which instantly helps people to understand what you are about. Having a category of ‘expertise’ assists with positioning yourself as a professional.

Add your contact information 

Looking for people to contact you easily? A business account permits immediate call-to-action options so that people can reach you easily. The addition of the contact buttons means that people can email or call you without taking additional steps to find out how.

View insights about your followers

An Instagram business account allows you to get to know your followers beyond a number on the top of your profile. You discover when they are most active to identify the best time of day and days of the week for you post on Instagram. It is also beneficial that you learn where your followers are based, the gender split and the age ranges, so that you can analyse those you are talking to and tailor your approach to encourage further conversations. As your own brand, stats like these will also help you to sell yourself to a brand; they allow you to verify that you have the demographic that matches the brand’s target audience.

See insights on your content performance

Upgrading to a business account allows you to analyze how your content is performing. Brands now require influencers to have a business account to be able to report insights into how the branded content performed. Overall, gaining insights on your content means you stay out of the dark and can make more impactful, objective business decisions. You can view your top performing posts to identify which style of content has worked best. A host of filter options can be applied to sort your insights – from top to least performing posts by likes, engagement, reach, or impressions. You can dig deeper on a single post to find out how people are discovering it; did the most impressions come from home feed, profile or a hashtag? Find out.

Get access to Instagram ads

If you have a business account on Instagram, you have the option to promote your posts and run Instagram Ads. It’s in the norm for brands to optimize their social marketing strategies with paid advertising, a technique that entices people to visit your profile or even take an action – for example, make a purchase. Running ads can assist with amplifying a campaign and the ad platform also allows you to track the campaign performance in the same way you do with Facebook ads, so you can analyse the results.

If you are a content creator and you’re looking to up your strategic Instagram game to optimize your content performance, then switching to a business account does provide you with the tools to help you achieve this. Think of a Instagram business account as your entree to all the important ‘ingredients’ of your page.

Personal or business?

With access to comprehensive analytics and features unaccessible on a personal profile; it’s evident that a Instagram business profile can help you if implemented alongside the right strategies. Yes, you can manage your account with a personal profile; however, converting to a business account allows you see much more than surface level engagement. The best part? You can switch back if it’s not for you!

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