With Valentine’s Day around the corner, marketers are partnering with influencers to create social campaigns that drive more sales and love to their brands. Working with influencers will help you leverage their audience pool and enhance the results of your campaigns! Want in on the action? Check out our 3 tips for a quick Valentine’s Day influencer campaign:


Choose your influencers based on your target audience

Looking at the influencer’s audience is extremely important when it comes to selecting who to partner with. For this specific campaign, you want to consider the female to male ratio. A study by the National Retail Federation actually shows that men spend almost double the amount of money in comparison to women on Valentine’s Day.

Takeaway tip: Partner with influencers that have a higher male follower base on social media because they will be your key consumers.


Make room for creativity

You have the product and the influencers know how to sell it in their own unique way. Try not to dictate content ideas with rigid briefs that restrict creativity. Instead, share the main details about your offers or products and give a general indication of your expectations.

Takeaway tip: Share a brief that allows the influencers creativity to take the lead. After all, they have built their social following around their style, and it works.


Timing is key

It’s essential to choose the best day to showcase your products or experiences on social media. Data from “Mastercard Love Index” shows that the most global purchases happen 1 day before Valentine’s Day. Mastercard recorded 47.4 million transactions on February 13th between 2014 and 2016!

Takeaway tip: Give your chosen influencers a publish date that is closer to Valentine’s Day for better sales leads.


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