Ever wondered how people create those awesome stories with animated filters and creative layouts while they’re busy trekking up a mountain?! While it looks like a long and complicated process for those of us who aren’t software-savvy, the reality is that all you need is the right app!

As brands take notice and begin to launch stories-only marketing campaigns, connecting with your followers within a 10-15 second window has become a challenge whereby relying solely on Instagram’s design options simply isn’t enough.

Therefore, we put together a list of 5 apps that help you produce quick and creative content for your Insta Stories while on-the-go… and they are all FREE!

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe’s Spark is an awesome app that comes loaded with various templates that you can tweak to fit your Insta Style. It’s great for layouts and you can pick your colour palettes to match your personal branded style. One of the main highlights is the way you can animate your photos and texts in minutes helping bring your story to life.

Available on: iOS and Android

2. Hype Type

Hype-Type was designed specifically for Insta Stories and comes with preset animations and typefaces for you to choose from for when you’re looking to overlay photos or videos with animated texts. We would recommend jazzing it up by adding music and adjusting the timing for extra dramatic purposes. You can also trim clips easily to whatever dimensions you require and share it on Instagram instantly.

Available on: iOS

3. Canva

Canva helps you unleash your creativity by offering customized templates that help you stay ‘on-brand’. The drag-and-drop design help users with no previous design experience create creative content. With your free Canva account, you can upload a logo and your brand colours for a cohesive aesthetic feel. You also get access to Canva’s templates which include Quotes, Freebies and Highlights.

Available on: iOS and Android

4. Over

Over helps you ‘create like a pro, on the go’ with over 4000+ editable templates, millions of stock photos and thousands of animations! You can use your logo and custom colour palette for your brand as well as choose between preset sizes for all social media platforms. If you’re looking for inspiring text, Over has pre-designed quotes and inspirational sayings that you can place over your image.

Available on: iOS

5. InShot

InShot is a simple but powerful Video and Photo editor that enables you to add music, adjust the speed and addvoiceovers to your videos. It is loaded with different sound effects and unique video filters. Definitely a life saver if you’re on the move but still love producing quality video content.

Available on: iOS and Android

What are you waiting for? Start making stories that will engage your fans and impress brands!